Movie night no. 2

It was more like movie morning.

The other day just felt like a documentary kind of day. It was raining, my room was freezing cold, and it was a morning where I didn’t have a lot to do.

Decided to Netflix it where I was recommended a documentary about Steve Aoki. At first, I was reluctant. I’ve never really cared for Aoki’s music but admit that going to a show of his would be entertaining.

What was there to lose? It was raining, it was cold, I had my chai ready, and my bed was still toasty.

I gave it a shot and its actually pretty good. I found out some really interesting things about Aoki and his life. It made me look at him differently. I still don’t really care for his music but I appreciate him more as a human being now rather than a name and a brand now.

It also made me reflect on my life and the people that have kept me on my toes throughout the years, constantly pushing and challenging me.

If you have Netflix and feel like a semi-motivating music doc., check it out.



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