Life Update

I’ve been pretty MIA on here about my life since July. Mostly because I didn’t follow through with anything I said I would do.

My attitude went from faking my positivity to facing the reality I was putting off real quick. Although this reality came back to me ten-fold, I’m not ready to be honest about it on here until I have figured it out. Mostly for the fear of others finding out before I’ve had a chance to personally tell them as well as other personal fears I’m not ready to face yet.

This seems highly dramatic and sounds like something horrible has occurred in my life or something. Its nothing bad or horrendous or dramatically life altering. I’m just a little ashamed/scared that things didn’t go the way I wanted.

I’m not letting it get me down too much anymore. I’ve been honest about the way life is going to some people close to me.

I know this fear is just irrational and toxic. I’ve kept myself busy with things that make me happy like creating outfit ideas on Polyvore (hence all the sets on here + the more to come ;]), but I also don’t let it be a crutch for other things I need to do.

I’m holding myself accountable for my actions because I put myself in this position and I am the only one that can get out of it. But I am also accepting encouragement and asking for help from my friends finally. ❤

This is all I can say for now.

Hope everyone has been doing well. =)


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