My New Addi(c)tions

That’s right everyone, I’m addicted. To what you ask? These two additions:

  • PokemonGO
  • Jane the Virgin

Both are fantastic, fun, motivating, and making me trust the phrase: everything is happening the way it’s supposed to (mostly the latter on this).

These past six months, as I annoyingly tell everyone around me, were weird. I usually do not indulge in drama of my own but I started drama first this year. I thought it would be best to include those that amplify life in such a passionate way. So passionate in fact, that I detest it. Detest it so that I finally put a cease to it today.

As you can see, the narrorator + Rogelio de la Vega from Jane the Virgin have really taken over my mind. 


Now, I leave it behind to grow… as a Pokemon master. I have been walking around the past 3 days catching Pokemon, gaining medals, and leveling up.

This game has given me newfound motivation to get up and get out. So far, I have stayed consistant in setting goals for the day and completing those goals. For example, my goal for today was to walk 5 miles and I walked 5.4 miles according to my phone. My goal for the day before was to reach level 5 and find an eevee. I accomplished this goal, picked a team, reached level 7, and found my first eevee!

Jane McGonigal knows what she’s talking about! If you don’t know who this Jane is, check out her TED Talk about how gaming can make the world a better place.

Now that I know I can set and maintain specific short-term goals, I’m going to set them on things that have been scaring me lately.


  • get a job on-campus
  • turn in loan application
  • get put on friend’s lease
  • pack apartment
  • move everything


Thanks to all my friends for the wisdom they have shared with me this past week.



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