Movie Night No. 1



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Would you be interested in a vampire western film noir?

Do you like pretty movies?

Are you down with subtitles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should check out A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. It’s currently on Netflix. The title alone piqued my interest considering that I often find myself in that situation. Not safe but I find solace in it and I’d rather sleep in my own bed than someone else’s. I also write this as The Girl Who Sits Alone at Home Watching a Horror Movie at Night.

My entire situation right now reminds me of a 2016 version of Drew Barrymore in the intro of Scream. I really hope I don’t die tonight. If you haven’t seen Scream, I recommend you watch all 4 movies AND the show immediately!

Anyways the movie, although considered a horror flick, doesn’t feel like one to me. (I’m only 10 minutes into this little puppy so things can change quickly.) There’s a gorgeous 50s inspired aspect to the male lead. Someone compared him to James Dean on another website which really sold me if the title didn’t do so already.

There’s also a vampire on the loose. So in a nutshell, title, James Dean look-alike, and a vampire. If you’re into those 3 things and said yes to the above questions, look into it. However, I can tell that it won’t be a movie for everyone.


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