Walking Zenons

I want to be a plastic rainbow. This is what I just told a couple of my friends and I mean it. I want to go out like I’m the girl of the 21st century. This is probably a highly uncomfortable to wear all day but transparency is so in. Fashion, home decor, and sustainability in the retail industry and food industry are really becoming stronger than ever with the notion of transparency.

Also, the one resource that has answers for everything, the internet. It creates a transparency for us to obtain the answers we seek. Thus, I think it translates well into an aesthetic we can wear. It conveys that highly digital yet minimalist/modern feel. We’re all going to be walking Zenons soon!

Check out this pins I adore below + on my Pinterest!

Also, I can’t wait until I start seeing smartphones in transparent, translucent, opaque, and holographic models. Just imagine seeing how your phone works all the time and if you drop it, what will change on the inside and locating that problem quicker! I don’t know why but it excites me just like those mechanical watches but less interesting but still cool.

This also reminds me of Derelicte from Zoolander but less rundown and more if we were to recycle and then turn those materials into clothing … future possibilities are endless.


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