I am currently 24 years old and still in college trying to get a bachelor’s degree. I know, “24 and still in undergrad?! What’s wrong with her!?” Pretty sure my family and acquaintances are saying/thinking that. It’s not their life and I shouldn’t be bothered by it but it gets to me. I’m a sensitive human being.

So why haven’t I graduated? Well, I came with little knowledge of how living away from family/friends for the first time works and little to none about what I actually wanted. I thought I was going to graduate in 4 years (like everyone else), have a degree in an art field (specifically fashion design), and then become THE BEST DESIGNER IN THE WORLD. I was going to be the next big thing. HA!

My first two years were more concerned with social aspects than an actual education. I was wrapped up in all the socializing that I failed a lot of classes and was running from major-to-major because I didn’t know what I wanted. I was a more stubborn person then than now and didn’t take some great advice until I was academically suspended for a semester.

It brought things into perspective and allowed me to find clarity. That was 3 years into my undergrad. Even after getting it together, I struggled to stay motivated. My peers can successfully create a goal and see that goal through. Me? I can every now and then. I have a problem with getting bored easily.

Currently I have 6 classes to take before I finish. Although obstacles still find their way in (financial, family, general fears, etc.), I’m trying to block it all out and see the goal through. I am thankful for the few family members and friends that already know this and encourage me through no matter what.

Why did I write this? Therapy. I need to stop feeling ashamed and embarrassed that I’m still in school. Not every person has the same journey  and I need to accept it to move on. Also, if anyone reading this is going through hard times in college or hard times ever, know that there are wonderful people out there than can help you!

( I also don’t mind listening to stories :] )



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